What sets us apart from other companies?

What sets us apart from other companies is that we can offer you four ways to advertise your company, product and services.

Being our client, if you have a reduction in price or promotion, you will have it emphasized on our home page for free.

We are also have deals with web design, SEO, web development.

Print Edition

Business Directory is in color and with circulation of 50,000 copies distributed free of charge throughout Montenegro.

Internet website

Business Directory is stylishly designed, innovative and easy to navigate and use. It is designed so that you can get to the search term in several manners – searching by category, sub-category or typing in search words / terms in the search box.

ANDROID i IOS IPHONE application

ANDROID and IOS iPhone Business Directory Applications are very useful since they allow you to search a particular area in relation to your current position.



You shouldn’t be looking for something that you need throughout the city, not knowing that it’s in your neighborhood.

Business Directory offers two applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play and the App Store for free, and using them you are saving valuable time and money.

(you can find more about applications in our manual)


For example: you find yourself in Montenegro town and you need a tire shop.

What will you do?

Enter in your phone in Business Directory android or IOS iPhone app and you’ll find your current location on the map.
Type in the name of a tire shop (if you know it) and contact info will appear on the same location map.

Also, you can browse all of the services within a certain radius.
Select a search radius of 50 m to 10 km, type “tire shop” in the search field and their exact location, with contact information, will be displayed on the map.

For the aforementioned browsing you can also use categories and subcategories, just as on the website.